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Florida’s state-specific insurance laws can be difficult to navigate.
We are here to help you make the most of all the coverage options available to you.
Explore the best rates and coverage for your needs and choose insurance policies that ensure your complete peace of mind for many years to come.

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Let us help you find the right solution. Choose from the following services:

Personal Insurance

Invest in A comprehensive cover that can safeguard you, your property and loved ones in case of any unfortunate circumstances.

Business Insurance

Defend your business, commercial property and income while also providing adequate coverage to your employees.

Life Insurance

Protect against loss of income, pay back your debts and cover higher education costs for your children.

Home Insurance

Ensure your peace of mind with insurance protection against theft, fire and vandalism etc.

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We make buying and using insurance as easy as possible for our Florida clients, working one-on-one with them to find the best solutions available in the insurance marketplace.
Monitoring the hottest insurance products of today gives us access to relevant information that helps our clients find competitive rates and comprehensive coverage without any gaps.
Our clients know that they can depend on to facilitate their insurance buying and using process. Call us anytime, night or day to talk to a trustworthy and experienced representative.

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1. What’s included in the liability portion of homeowner’s insurance?

Generally, homeowners insurance is designed to help repair or replace your home and belongings if they are damaged. These policies also provide liability coverage in case a visitor is injured on your premises, or you accidentally damage another person’s property.

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